April 29 – My Personal Year Of Gratitude, Day 119 – The Spiritual Master, Prajapati

This is a post from my friend Bill Mann. And I have met Bella. Enjoy!
I will be posting stories again soon. Hope you enjoy it!

My Personal Year Of Gratitude

Photo 17

Today I am grateful for the spiritual master, Prajapati.

Among the spiritual masters I work with is a master named, Prajapati. His focus is on the welfare of animals. Whenever a soul in animal form is in need of assistance, Prajapati is there.

On Saturday morning, I’ll be driving to Asheville North Carolina, the first leg of a 10-day trip to visit friends before my move north. My friend, Dana, agreed to watch over my cat, Bella, while I’m gone. Dana lives out in the country, about 45 miles away. This afternoon, I drove her down to Dana’s, to drop her off. It will be almost 2 weeks before I see her again.

She’ll be staying in an outbuilding, with a blanket to sleep on, her food, water and litter box close by, and an open window, so she can come and go, as she pleases. Dana will check in…

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