This from my friend Shelly. It reminds me of a conversation that I had with Karen this morning while we woke up over cups of steamy tea and diffuse sunlight. The gist of which was: writers beat themselves up over the things they have to do before the can write. And society does this as well, tells us we a re procrastinating, wasting and avoiding hard work, when really, we are preparing, circling the rug like a dog with a bone. Chewing on our particular bone; creating ceremony. Karen even mentioned this in a reflection yesterday regrading the measurement of time from event to event and not as an adherence to time. Timing instead of chronology – which reminds me of Lidia Yuknavitch and the idea that memory has no chronology but just a thread of importance that runs through…
And all of this talk led us to the idea that THIS VERY THING is the philosophy we want to promote at the HillHouse Writer’s Retreat Series – There is a name for it, I will come back and post it in the comments when I re-find it – but that is the key – there is no time to worry about, just a slow preparing, giving in to the specific rituals needed to create. Making a ceremony. And realizing that whatever we need to do in order to do it, we are traveling a path dictated from deep inside. Beautiful post Shelly. And perfectly timed.


A work in progress A work in progress

Consider this conversation I had with my nine year old today:

“I need some stuff so I can write a letter to my cousins.”

“That’s a great idea. What do you need?”

“Pajamas, purple ink pens, lined paper, a cup of yogurt—no—a carrot so it won’t melt under the blanket, ice water in a bottle, one of the red blankets—the small ones, not the short ones because those won’t cover my whole body, and a fan right over me so I don’t get hot under the blanket, and the flashlight so I can see.”

“Why not leave the blanket off? So you have light and air.”


“But if you’re too hot?”

“I have to be under the blanket to write what I’m thinking about.”

“Can you share with me what you’re thinking about?”

“Whatever I come up with while I’m writing.”

A peek at creative necessity A peek at creative necessity


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