Far Enough East – The Sand is White in Jamaica

“I don’t belong in my body. I’ve always felt clumsy and disconnected, you know?” Tynor, a shock of blondhair spilling into his eyes, munched a large organic carrot as he spoke. He gestured with it as though it were a fat, orange conductor’s baton. He continued, “My hands feel just like two balloons, man. Sometimes anyway.”

He sighed. “Y’know?” He wrenched a soaring power chord out of his air guitar, the carrot transformed into a pick or a paddle or a fly swatter. He snapped another bite off, nodding and smiling broadly as he chewed. The 16 year old boy looked like some sort of demented jazz man in his wrap-around shades and black beret. He sat there bopping along to music only he could hear.

Dr. Warren scribbled on a yellow legal pad with his Pilot razor-point. He recognized his patient’s reference to the Pink Floyd anthem Comfortably Numb, and asked, “Do you identify with the character, Pink, in the film The Wall, Tynor?

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