Smoking Gun, The CDC Fraud

1270745475-smoking-gunFor anyone who has been critical of the anti vaccine posture, I urge you to follow this story. For clarity (from those who feel compelled to react to this headline without reading the post, and who would rather gaslight me by calling me an unrealistic, dangerous, backward thinking, ignorant, believer in magical nonsense), consider that you MAY have been lied to at a very foundational level – and by furthering these misdirected arguments, you become part of the movement to silence this point of view.

This sort of misdirection condones a massive and deadly crime, one that MAY have terrible effects on your own children and the children of millions of others. I have never supported the avoidance of vaccines for anti-science reasons. I have always (as have most of my peers in this controversy) held to the opinion that the studies and the purported claims by big pharma and our regulatory bodies are suspect and should be scrutinized because of political influence, corruption and pandering. MONEY, big money is behind the vaccine controversy. It is not about the science – just because I don’t trust the people who make these vaccines, and do not trust the government organizations that assure me of their safety, does not mean that I take the same anti-evolution, anti-science posture as some evangelists (and their obviously uneducated followers). Treating me so, is disingenuous, and not worthy of intelligent, critically minded individuals. I have always mistrusted politicized medicine – if you don’t, you are simply not looking.

I saw the red flags on this issue before many of you were born. It may be possible that I was warning you, and you have chosen to revile me and that hurts – I understand what this is all about, yet I am consistently met with comments that assume I do not, can not. I seriously hope that I am wrong.

Autism is epidemic. It was not so 30 years ago. Watch this new movement carefully as the wave of chaos rolls out. There will be character assassination, there will be emotional lies and pleas for rejecting this with more superficial, misdirected arguments like, the whistle-blower had an ax to grind, he was a disgruntled employee – bla bla bla, these are old responses to unaddressed, cyclical problems. Wake up folks. The fact is, you can’t ever trust an institution that stands to gain from your ignorance. Institutions are always mainly interested in their own survival – shouldn’t everyone understand that?

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