The Journal of Theodora Smith


Welcome to the world of Let Them Eat the Rich.

Installments will come out about once a week and will be posted on this blog only. The wordpress blog named for the journal will no longer be updated.

All past installments, including the prologue and the about page, can be found here. 



I dreamed I was a huge dark bird, drifting the thermals above the world. With my raptors sight I saw the suffering and horror covering the earth below and it broke my heart; I heard her shatter. Tinkling shards fell like snow, my heart forever gone. But a monstrous power filled the void, and flushed me with towering anger. A voice poured from the raw wound where my beautiful heart once beat, and pumped its hot acid throughout my body. This screaming, silent wave of reason uncloaked the future. And as the rolling vision blossomed, I watched as the death covering our world burned away like wildfire until nothing remained but light.

When I woke, the Truth was mine and I dedicated my life to it. I was ten years old.

–The journal of Theodora Smith – May 2020 NYC


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