Writer & Teacher

Ron Heacock

Strengths After teaching in a multitude of different situations for more than three decades, I will graduate with my Master’s degree in writing in July, 2014. I have proven that I am a superb trainer in the corporate environment as well as a respected mentor and instructor in one-on-one, workshop, and in classroom situations. I possess excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills. Now specializing in college and with adult learners, I am focusing almost entirely on teaching fiction, memoir and creative non-fiction.
1976 – 1985 Taught private guitar instruction to children and adults
1982 – 2000 Conducted workshops on songwriting and storytelling at writing seminars throughout the US and Canada

  • Developed courses, course descriptions and hand outs
  • Created all handouts and collateral materials
  • Instructed groups up to 20 individuals
2003 – 2005 Wrote and edited the novel Happily After Ever, currently with agents for consideration
2004 – 2012 Co-owner and proprietor of HillHouse Writer’s retreat in Pulaski, TN

  • Designed and formalized mentoring sessions for a successful write’s retreat
  • Ran group and individual sessions for writers of fiction and non-fiction
  • Performed mentoring session via phone and through email
2009 – present While a student at Goddard College, an accredited low residency program in Vermont and Port Townsend, Washington; performed support and mentoring duties with students in both workshops and one-on-one. Produced and performed seminars and presentations. Works as the cross genre lead editor in the literary journal The Pitkin Review.
2010 – present Wrote and published several short stories in various literary journals throughout the world.
2012- present Fiction co-editor for The Elohi Gadugi Journal in Portland Oregon
2013- present Designed and taught fiction writing intensive programs in Portland Oregon
Summer- present
Community Education Instructor at Mount Hood Community College

  • Writing Your Own True Story; beginning and intermediate memoir writing
  • Writing Great Stories; how to bring your characters alive


Summer- December 2013
Let’s Make Music and Dance

  • Private guitar instruction for teens and adults.


  • Bachelor’s Degree – Goddard College
  • Master’s Degree in progress expected Summer 2014 – Goddard College

2 thoughts on “Writer & Teacher

  1. So you’re the Ron Heacock that got to the www before I could…very interesting..I’m currently awaiting a family tree from a Sally Heacock in Oregon..according to her sister, we’re all related as the family came over on the Mayflower…by the way, there’s another Ronald Heacock that I’m aware of in Atlanta, I used to get his inquires while living in Miami. Son’t suppose that you had relatives in Illinois back a couple of generations?


    • I have a relative named Theresa (last time I heard she was in Louisiana) Who traced the family name back to England, our segment split off from the Bucks County Heacocks (William?), Quakers, 17 sons. There was an argument and the patriarch split up the family. Don’t know about the Mayflower – Ancestry.com tracked us further back in England, but I don’t have an account. I am directly related to John Heacock (Nebraska) and his brother Robert and sister Sarah (CT) my brother lives in VA (Burt). My Grand parents were from MO. My sons (Morgan and Justin) live in LA and Portland OR. My daughter (Galen McAlister lives in Portland with her husband and our 2 grandkids.


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